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YouTube link - https://youtu.be/l9gS71vk3D4

This is a game developed for the 2015 Alt Ctrl Game Jam by the team Odd One Out. The game has a first person perspective, where you play as a sorcerer who got into a fight with his neighbor who happens to be a necromancer. The goal of the game is to kill off the skeletons summoned by the necromancer so that his shield is weakened and you can damage him with your attacks.

Since the game was developed for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam, it has been designed for an alternative smart glove controller, but it's completely playable with any standard keyboard and mouse setup.

The game is played by mimicking the movements of the hand in the game, such as making a closed fist, a peace sign, a loser sign and just bending your thumb as shown in the video.

Credits go to team Odd One Out:

Petar Grchevski - Game design and development

Martin Vasilkovski - Controller design and development

Special thanks go Igor Panchevski, Darko Jovanov and Kristijan Trajkovski who assisted us in the development process.

Install instructions

Just download the zip file. If you're playing on a Mac, just run the .app file and if you're playing on a Windows computer, place the .exe file and the Data folder in the same enclosing folder and then simply run the .exe file.

The game has been designed to be played by a homemade smart glove, but is completely playable by using a standard mouse and keyboard setup.

WASD - for movement

Left mouse click - for standard attack

Right mouse click - for special attack

C - for shield

F - for special attack 2


NeighborsFromHell.zip 78 MB

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